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Welcome to Phil's Web Page at  [G.M.T. Now] G.M.T.

POttSoft - Free Software for OpenVMS, Windows Vista and Windows Mobile

Hello Andy!!!

Latest News

I will soon be posting a Windows Mobile application, Pocket Mandelbrot, which lets you create fractals on a Windows Mobile phone or Windows Smartphone. Other free software includes the LinkSysLog logging program for the LinkSys BEFS41 and compatible routers is now released for OpenVMS VAX and Alpha. WebCount 2.4 for VMS now includes full VMS data file locking and can be used with DECthreads OSU server or Purveyor. Source and binaries available for command line version of WHOIS client for Windows NT, Windows Vista and VMS, a Visual C++ MFC Version for XP and Vista. Other downloads include Motif VMS CPU Performance Meter, GIFMerge GIF Animator, the TGD/GD GIF drawing programs, Neill Clift's MBOX VMS mailbox peeking utility, James Fidell's XBeeb BBC Micro emulator, and Gary Aviv's LiteClue X Windows "help bubble" program. I've added more links on my VMS pages, including information on obtaining and configuring Hobbyist systems.


There are now photographs of Titanic's tender, the Nomadic, back in Belfast on my Titanic Memorials page, plus images of various sites and objects with Titanic connections, including the famous White Swan Hotel in Alnwick, which has paneling from Olympic, which, along with Britannic, formed the trio of sister ships known as the Olympic class of liner. Photographs of the virtually full size set for James Cameron's Titanic movie are available on my main Titanic Page, courtesy of Steve Perez and Richard Seigle.

My Background and Interests

Throughout my childhood I lived in Ripley, a town in the Peak District of Derbyshire, which happens to be the birthplace of Barnes Wallis, perhaps best know for his role in the Dambusters raid. My secondary education was at the excellent Ripley Technical Grammar School. Sadly the school no longer exists, having merged with another shortly after I left. Many former students of "the 'Tech" will no doubt remember the headmaster, Mr J.R. Burn, a great character, the like of which we will not see again. For ex-pupils and staff at Ripley Technical Grammar School, go to my Ripley Tech pages to join the free RipleyTech mailing list, and see the pictures. I went on to graduate from the Victoria University of Manchester in 1984, with a first class B.Sc. in Physics from Manchester University, and continued as a High Energy Physics [Particle] Ph.D. student at CERN, working on the WA69 Omega Photon Experiment along with cohorts Dr. Scott Kolya and Professor Tony Doyle, supervised by the excellent Professor George Lafferty. After completion, I became a Research Associate for two years, during which time I was the de facto system manager of the Manchester Particle Physics VMS cluster. In February 1989, shortly after my group switched experiments to DESY, I joined Yezerski Roper Ltd. which was a great place to work, full of very talented people. I remained at YRL until March 1999, when I became a developer at Microsoft and emigrated to Redmond, Washington, U.S.A. . I still live in Redmond, and have two children both born here.

At home I have a VAXstation 4000 Model 90, a 4000 Model 60, a VLC and an Alpha 600au running VMS, with MadGoat MX SMTP Server, uucp, ANU News, plus DEC software running under the VMS Hobbyist License.

I also have a few Windows Vista machines and develop public domain software for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Mobile and VMS at home, using C, C#, C++ & STL, Visual Studio, .Net Framework, Motif, TCP/IP and even Fortran ;-). The Windows box talks to the VMS Cluster using ethernet to get NNTP news and POP mail. The printer is shared on an XConnect II Print Server from Kingswell Electronics.

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More information on PGP, including where to obtain it from, is available from The PGP International Home Page. My contribution for using PGP from the VMS TPU Editor can be found at Using PGP From TPU on VMS System.

Trusted Root Certificate Authority

I have signed web server SSL certificates for people personally known to me. If you trust me and my site, you can add the "POttSoft Certificate Authority" root certificate to your browser by clicking here. You will be prompted before it is installed. Please make sure you install it in the location for "Trusted Root Certification Authorities". Once you have done this your browser will accept any certificates for sites I have signed as valid for identifying the web site for secure, https: access. This and all my web pages are signed with my PGP Public Key.

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